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REACH & Passive House

Passive HouseREACH’s newest development, Orchards at Orenco is built to Passive House standards. But what is Passive House?

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Going Green Sustainability Plan

100 Best Green logo In 2009, REACH began a transformational program aimed at incorporating green practices into our administrative, purchasing, and office procedures.  Through a generous grant from the Neighborhood Builders Award of Bank of America, we began implementation of the REACH Going Green Sustainability Plan, designed to transform our overall organizational culture and day-to-day operational practices.  REACH believes strongly that livability and sustainability are closely aligned.  By incorporating renewable, energy-efficient practices into our current and future affordable housing developments, and throughout our organizational practices, REACH is promoting greater environmental and social health for our community and the planet.

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Green Building Practices

REACH began incorporating green building practices in 1994 and we now develop all our projects with sustainable features.  Green building has several benefits.  Green building:
1.  Promotes the economic, environmental, and social health of the community. 
2.  Incorporates renewable or energy-efficient, cost-saving practices and sustainable materials into our building processes.
3.  Is better for our residents and the community, by reducing our energy “footprint.”
4.  Reduces our operations and maintenance costs and lowers residents’ utility bills.

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