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Five Year Plan

Dear Friends - We are pleased to present you with REACH’s Five Year Plan for 2011-2015. With this plan we propose to double our housing production and program outcomes over the prior five years. We will also expand our service territory to a one hour radius of Portland, with a focus on the Portland metropolitan area.

Many hours of thought went into this document. Multiple meetings were held with board and staff members, and a survey was conducted of REACH residents to gain insight on our performance and resident needs. We do not expect to make any radical changes in our focus, but rather will build on the strong foundation we have created over the past 29 years, with a goal of housing more people and becoming a stronger, more efficient organization.

You’ll note that there is a common theme throughout the plan, and that is the connection between health and housing. Over the past few years, we have recognized the strong relationship between good, affordable housing and the health of our residents and our community. We expect our future work to build on our current efforts to be “green” and sustainable.

This document is REACH’s fifth strategic plan, and we have found them to be invaluable guides for us. We hope you will find it of interest, and we look forward to your continued support as we undertake this important work.


Dan Valliere, Chief Executive Officer
Brett Sheehan, President of the Board