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More homes. More people. More quickly.

The Need

Our community needs quality affordable homes today for our seniors, families, veterans, teachers, and all those that make the Northwest a great place to live. Sole reliance on public subsidies has created an artificial speed limit to how fast and how much we can build. 

A New Model

A new funding model will allow us to deploy funds quickly, exactly when and where they are needed, to build housing faster. We can increase production during the housing crisis by recapturing philanthropic dollars invested in new REACH development projects and reinvesting them back into future housing.

Increase average production rate by 2.5 times

How it Works

    •  Philanthropic donations to the Funding Homes Initiative are strategically directed toward REACH housing projects in limbo because of small funding gaps.
    •  Once building is complete, properties pay back the funds with excess cash flow to be used for future development projects.
    •  100% of donations are then reinvested in new REACH developments.

800 new affordable apartments in the next 3 years

Join Us

We already have over $166 million in public and private investments waiting to be applied towards our $176 million goal. All we need is you to start building now.

Through the combined power of public, private, and philanthropic partnerships, your support will revolutionize the scale we can build at, creating a new paradigm for funding affordable housing and change lives!

More Information

Anthony Petchel
Director of Philanthropy
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