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What Does Your Donation Really Buy?

We’re frequently asked what a charitable contribution to REACH really buys.  We thought we’d give you some idea’s of our “wish lists” how REACH uses your tax-deductible gifts. 

Resident Services Programs

Wish List: Food and household goods for residents.  We need pantry foods like pasta, soup, oil, spices and canned or packaged foods; cleaning supplies of all kinds (green products are preferred); dishes and silverware.  Please call first to check on our specific needs prior to donating.

For Families
What does your gift buy?
$100 - Emergency food supplies for a family of four for two months
$500 - Emergency rent assistance for one month
$3,000 - Installs a venting system for dangerous levels of radon in a home with children

For Kids
$25 - School supplies for a student living in REACH housing
$500 - Matching funds for a Youth$ave student


Community Builders Programs

Wish Lists:  New building materials, energy saving devices, safety aids and first aid kits: By donating these items to our home repair program, you can help us build ramps, improve home safety and reduce energy consumption.  REACH only accepts donations of new materials (please contact our staff).  Help a neighbor enter and exit his/her home safely by donating exterior-grade framing lumber for our next stair or ramp project.  Most falls occur in the bathroom: reduce this risk of injury by donating safety aids such as grab bars, tub benches, hand-held shower heads, raised toilet seats and rails. We also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Help us stay stocked in first aid kits and personal protection equipment for our volunteers. We replace old bath and kitchen faucets and install energy saving devices such as compact fluorescent lights which help reduce consumption costs. 

For Senior or Disabled Homeowners
What does your gift buy?
$50 - Install two smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector in a senior’s home
$75 - Provides a basic plumbing repair, such as leaky fixtures and clogged drains.
$100 - Provides grab bars and basic safety aids for senior and disabled homeowners.
$1,000 - Patch 2 leaky roofs for a senior or disabled homeowner
$2,000 - Replaces an unsafe electrical panel
$4,000 - Rebuilds a front porch and steps or a wheelchair ramp
$5,000 - Connects a home to the main sewer line or replaces a damaged line.