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Economic Empowerment Programs

Our Vision: Economic Opportunity For All

Emily - IDA Graduate “This whole experience has been so empowering. To think I went from having so little a couple years ago to now having all of this.” Emily, IDA program graduate and first-time homebuyer

REACH is committed to helping residents build long-term financial success for themselves, their families, and their communities. Our Resident Services department offers a range of programs and services so that residents can increase their financial knowledge and skills, overcome short-term cash flow problems, build credit and get out of debt, and save money towards achieving long-term goals. Our programming is supported by strong community partnerships with many organizations across the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

Financial Education Classes

BBS GraduateOur financial education program, Budget Buy and Save, is designed for residents with a stable income who are working toward their next step. During these workshops you’ll focus on organizing your financial life, developing new money management skills, and setting and achieving your goals.  Learn about Budget Buy and Save and sign-up for the next series here.

Matched Savings (IDA) Program

Tom Hoang - IDA GraduateAn IDA (Individual Development Account) is a special kind of savings account where each $1 saved gets matched by $2 or $3. These funds can be used to support education, homeownership, microenterprise, or employment-related goals.  Find out more about IDAs and how to get involved here.

Individual Financial Coaching

Do you have specific questions or concerns about your finances? Are you dealing with a difficult situation like student loan debt or payday loans that have gotten out of control? Take advantage of personalized coaching with our staff!  See what we offer and how to get in touch with us here.


STARTS (Support, Training and Assistance to Realize Tomorrow’s Success) is a participant led class with a focus on leadership development and community involvement.  The curriculum concentrates on strengthening leadership skills including communication, conflict management, goal setting and achievement.  Each course includes a community service project determined by participants. To learn more about the STARTs program, click here.