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Matched Savings Program

Individual Development Accounts

Tom Hoang “My Individual Development Account will help make my college education more affordable to me. I strongly believe that REACH has helped me reach Reed College, my greatest dream.” Tom, IDA particpant

Matched-savings accounts are powerful asset-building opportunities that help people living on a low income to gain economic security and achieve their dreams. 

In Oregon:
REACH is proud to partner with CASA of Oregon and the Oregon IDA Initiative to make Individual Development Accounts available to our Oregon residents.  Participants in this program make monthly deposits into a special savings account for up to three years.  Each $1 saved is matched by $3 in matching funds.  Savers can use their IDA funds to help pay for college tuition, start or expand a small business, buy a home, or purchase a car, computer, or training to help achieve employment goals.  In addition to the matching funds, program participants also receive training and individualized support to help them succeed.  Want to learn more about our program? Click here to download an informational packet.  If you want to join our program and get your own matched-savings account, fill out the form below.

In Washington:
REACH residents living in Washington also have the opportunity to save money and earn matching funds with an Individual Development Account. SHARE, a community partner located in Vancouver, offers IDAs to help save for homeownership, small business, and higher education.  Each $1 saved is matched by $2 and savers can participate in the program for up to two years.  Click here to learn more about SHARE’s IDA program.

IDA’s change lives!  Check out this inspiring video about the power of matched-savings created by Neighborhood Partnerships and the Oregon IDA Initiative.