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Story Spotlight

REACH is privileged to work with many, many outstanding volunteers.  We wanted to highlight a few of those stories.

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes, volunteer, student and REACH resident, has lived at McCuller Crossing Apartments for nine years and loves it. “REACH is a warm place. I love it and plan to stay there. I’m comfortable with the space and the manager. It’s such a wonderful location.”

In her nine years at McCuller, Sharon has taken advantage of the many opportunities REACH provides, including Smoking Cessation classes, computer training, other resources and referrals through her Resident Services Coordinator. Most recently, she completed REACH’s new Jobs Team program. Sharon has been out of the workforce for a while. When she heard about this opportunity, she knew she needed to sign up. “Everything REACH gives me, I reach out and grab.” During the ten-hour course, she learned how to write a cover letter and resume, improve her computer skills for her job search, and build confidence in her abilities.

Part of the program involves volunteering – as a tool for networking, resume building and developing confidence. Sharon has become a fantastic volunteer for REACH, helping the office staff with mailings and move-in packets. Upon completion of the course, Sharon earned a $200 incentive, thanks to the Three Grandmas’ Fund, which she used to purchase clothing for job interviews.

Sharon continues to volunteer with REACH as she looks for employment. As she likes to tell everyone, “There are great opportunities that REACH offers us. When you get an offer, you should take advantage of it.” Thank you, Sharon, for your involvement in REACH’s programs and for volunteering your time!