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Dick Vetter

Around the World and Back Again

Not to brag, but REACH has some of the best volunteers around. We work with hundreds of people every year, who give their time, talent and treasure to help a neighbor in need. It’s an honor to work with so many generous people. But we have to admit, there are a few who stand out. And Dick Vetter is one of those outstanding individuals.

Dick has been volunteering for the REACH Paint & Repair-a-thon for 22 years; this has to be a REACH record! “It’s a kick!” says Dick. “Working with REACH has been great. People need to be involved with their neighbors and keep on contributing,” And Dick knows a little something about working with neighbors to better your community. He’s traveled the world, working as a civil engineer prior to his retirement. He’s been to places like Venezuela, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nairobi, and the Philippines. He’s seen many cultures and the values with which neighbors treat each other.

Dick’s job brought him to Oregon, where he was called into service after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. He and wife Alice lead an active life, volunteering, hiking, and working on restoration projects. Dick’s background as an engineer comes in handy as he works to renovate the Johnson Creek watershed. Dick and Alice have been married over 50 years, with two children and three grandchildren. They enjoy spending the holidays each year in Hawaii, celebrating with their family.
You may see Dick and Buddy, his faithful border collie, walking around the neighborhood on their daily trek. And Dick plans to keep giving back to REACH and his community as long as he can. Thank you Dick for your generosity, time, and caring attitude. Not only does REACH appreciate your efforts, but we know the homeowners you’ve helped over the years do so as well.

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