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Phil Friesen

A New Job, A New Outlook on Life

REACH volunteer Phil Friesen recently had the opportunity to experience first-hand Henry David Thoreau’s oft-quoted adage, “All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune.”

Phil got involved as a REACH volunteer after being laid-off from a long-time electrical job, a misfortune that left him wondering, in such a tight economy and with such a long line ahead of him for union work, how long he’d have to wait to feel he was being useful again. Fortune didn’t wait long to knock. Phil happened to be at a picnic with his daughter early this past spring where he met Barrett Karnes, REACH’s Community Builders Program (CBP) Coordinator. Once Barrett started talking about REACH and the work CBP was doing in the community, Phil knew exactly what he’d do while waiting for the next job to arrive.

In spring 2010, Phil jumped right in, volunteering in the much-needed and important role of electrician. He’s worked on eight projects already this year, and while he definitely enjoyed the electrical work, he loved meeting the homeowners even more. “I got to meet all but one homeowner, and that’s part of what made it really fun for me. They were so appreciative of our help. Several families feed our whole group of volunteers in thanks.”

REACH is fortunate to have Phil volunteer for the first time at our 2010 Paint & Repair-a-thon this August. Schedule-providing, that is. For Phil and REACH, fortune knocked twice.  He’s now back at work, and volunteering with REACH as he can.

Thanks for all of your support, Phil!

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