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Susan Ozolins

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This oft quoted phrase has been put into action by REACH volunteer Susan Ozolins. Susan has almost single handedly created and managed our new photo cataloguing database. Over the years, REACH has amassed thousands of pictures at events and of people and volunteers. Our system for managing them was rudimentary at best. For the past year, Susan has spent one afternoon a week, coming to the REACH office and organizing our photo’s into the database. You may not even know she’s been doing this fabulous work behind the scenes, but every REACH newsletter and annual report since last year has featured her work! The catalogue gives us a way to quickly search for that perfect pic to tell our stories.

Creativity has always been in Susan’s life as a result of her family roots. With two musical grandparents – one a professional musician and the other a concert pianist – it was only natural for Susan to pursue her Masters Degree in musical performance for the cello. Susan understands the value that art plays in a healthy society. She originally hailed from New York, and has traveled through Ireland, studying the cello. An unfortunate health condition forced Susan to put down her instrument and change careers. Her love of animals and a job offer in Oregon led her to the field of veterinary technician. Susan moved into one of REACH’s apartment buildings in 2009, and has been giving back to REACH ever since. “To have my own apartment in a decent neighborhood that’s affordable…it’s not a small deal,”

“To have my own apartment in a decent neighborhood that’s affordable . . . it’s not a small deal. ” she says as she talks about why she gives so much of her time volunteering for REACH.
In her spare time, Susan is an avid outdoor adventurer, cross country skiing, paddling, and hiking through Oregon’s beautiful terrain. It’s been a treat for us to benefit from so many of Susan’s talents. Our thanks to you, Susan, for all of your wonderful work!

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